I AC-1 AC-2 Series Vertical T/C
CNC DUS Series Horizontal T/C
DL-G,T,TT,S Series Horizontal T/C
DL-V Series Vertical T/C
The proven SMS Challenger, Crusader, and Accu-Cell Vertical Turning Centers are the basic machine modules for product strategies and integrated solutions that meet the manufacturing challenge of flexible, accurate, and productive part processing systems. SMS Vertical Turning Centers offer the highest productivity and process flexibility through the proper application of tooling and control systems for small, medium, and large complex workpieces in medium and large production runs. The Challenger, Crusader, and Accu-Cell are customized for each customer with their unique applications as multi-task stand-alone, or as a combination of multi-process machine tools fully integrated into a part processing system you can rely on.  

SMS’ solutions for industries expand beyond metal cutting; SMS’ Universal Trimming Machines (BRUT) enable ordnance manufacturer to machine bullet casings up to 120 pieces per minute. Utilizing precise and reliable mechanical mechanism, SMS’ BRUT can perform Case Trim, Jacket Trim, Head Turn, and Jacket Turn. More than 3,000 BRUT’s have been built, and are in service in more than 40 countries around the world.

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