SPECHT® DUO – Modular Double-Spindle CNC System That Is Individually Configurable

SPECHT® Specification

The MAG SPECHT® DUO series with the accuracy of the single-spindle machine With the “dynamic axis compensation” in X/Y/Z, the two spindles are synchronized. Compensation of spindle displacement brings the accuracy of the single-spindle machine to the DUO machine. In combination with the temperature compensation from the machine to the workpiece, the SPECHT® DUO is the most accurate dual spindle machine of its class.  The fast “Dynamic Disc” tool magazine ensures minimal idle times.  The choice of gantry, frontal or manual loading provides for additional high flexibility.  The SPECHT® 450 DUO, is especially qualified for machining of cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, housings and similar medium-sized components.

With lots of workspace and a comfortable 540 mm spacing between the spindles, the machine footprint of only 11.2 m² is achieved. Modern HSK-A63 motor spindles provide for high cutting performance in many diverse materials.  For the new SPECHT® 500 DUO+ the focus is set on the tier supplier market. The machine is based on the successful dual spindle machine used as module in automotive volume manufacturing systems. Equipped with a pallet changer, higher A-axis torque and longer Y-travel of 730 mm, the variant is ideally suited for this market segment. With all the advantages of the DUO base models, this compact CNC machining center will meet the needs of existing customers on the one hand, and on the other hand attract new customers in the components market.

The MAG SPECHT® DUO CNC machining centers are ideal as interlinked multi-machine systems.  They can also be used as a stand-alone machine and in manufacturing cells.  The convincing feature of these double-spindle CNC systems is their modular structure, which provides maximum flexibility and makes them individually configurable.  This makes it possible to use ball screw or linear motors for axis drive. Unique axis compensation achieves the same precision as that of single-spindle CNC machines.

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