AC-450-1×2 Crusader Single Spindle 4-Axis Vertical CNC Turning Center


The SMS Crusader AC-450-1×2 is a Heavy Duty, Single Spindle, Dual 2-Axis Slide System, High Precision, High Rigidity, High Stability, Heavy Cutting, High Efficiency Vertical Turning Center.  This heavy duty machine is equipped with a standard 50hp spindle motor.  Having this much horsepower means that the AC-450-1×2 can easily handle larger parts for machining, from rough start to a finished product.  This large capacity and capability mean that the easily adaptable robot or gantry loading can be used to achieve greater efficiency and high production throughput. This single spindle machine allows the owner flexibility, to be used as stand-alone machine or integrated into a full line manufacturing system.

  • Ability to simultaneously rough and finish two diameters (or two faces, or one diameter and one face) cutting cycle times by 50%.
  • High power spindle available to allow for heavier cuts to remove more metal per process.
  • Reduced floor space to produce the same amount of volume. 1 machine can do the work of 2 machines.

Superior flexibility, accuracy, productivity, reliability, and ruggedness make the AC-450-1×2 the best choice of any vertical turning machine in its class.  The column is heavily crossed ribbed weldment construction that provides high dynamic stiffness and a rigid platform for structural integrity, to achieve highly accurate and consistent metal removal results.

The heavy duty, SMS designed spindle, is the “heart” of the AC-450-1×2. It is designed to easily handle high torque and axial loads, with speeds up to 3000 rpm.  The SMS dual-slide system, provides high acceleration and high thrust capabilities through the direct-coupled axis drive units.  Versatility is what makes this the first choice for manufacturers of high quality parts.

Options such as automated parts load/unload, electronic feedback gauging and tool monitoring can also be added to the AC-450-1×2.

Other standard design features of AC-450-1×2 include:

►Routine maintenance accessible from the front and back

►Preloaded linear roller guideways for high stiffness and accuracy

►Preloaded spindle radial roller bearings and ball thrust bearings for high stiffness and accuracy

►Optional absolute linear scale feedback with 0.01 micron resolution for high accuracy and repeatability

►Servo motors directly coupled to the ball screws for high accuracy and performance

►All drive elements totally isolated from the cutting area

►Dry floor machine enclosure

►Manual tool change access doors on right and left sides

►Multi-configurations are available (i.e. turret on each side, or a mix of a turret and grind spindle)

►Also, application driven horsepower requirement w/ two additional motor sizes to pick from

►The AC-450-1×2 can also be configured with a c-axis plus a live-tool turret



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