BRUT Universal Trimming Machine


case trimming, case head turning, jacket trimming, cannelure turning on ammunition up to 50 caliber.  A flat form tool can be used in a below-center skive cut position or in the center position when using carbides to head-turn steel cases. The BRUT also uses roll, flat form, circular form and straight type cutters. It is equipped with variable speed drives for independent control and excessive wear parts are hard chromed for durability.

The Brut can produce up to 120 pieces per minute, and is equipped with a rugged single axis slide, all mechanical design to maintain durability and reliability.  The variable speed drives permit independent control to create a versatile machine to roll, flat form, and circular form or use straight type cutters to trim ammunition.  The headstock and tailstock assemblies are constructed of cast iron and are mounted on finished pads of the heavily constructed steel base weldment.  Wear areas are chrome plated for reliability and longer life.  The spindle assembly may be removed as a unit, thus simplifying maintenance.  The spindle is rigidly mounted in precision pre-loaded bearings. The tapered collet type used in the spindle provides for minimum work run-out under normal conditions.  The cam and spindle motors are located inside the base: belt adjustment facilities extend out the back, permitting ease of adjustment.  The tool slide is rigidly mounted in heavy dovetail guides and is designed to receive various types of cutters.




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