FFG DMC – Do More Cutting !

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With a new motto “Synergy Leads Development, Teamwork Achieves Success”, FFG DMC is working hard toward the goal of ‘Joint development’ through technical cooperation with FFG affiliates, ‘Localized manufacturing’ for cost reduction, and ‘Global marketing’.

Short-Term Goal – Build A Perfect Brand Image

FFG DMC believes in the power of technology and quality, and trusts the service will drive the quality.  All employment of FFG DMC is making efforts to build a quality management system, and concentrate all abilities to realize customer satisfaction with the top class quality and service.  We also develop the advanced technology products with adequate utilization of FFG group in-house technology to enhance the competitiveness in all markets and build a new brand image.

Mid-Term Goal – Resourcing of Various Global Talents and Globalization of Company

FFG DMC is raising up human resources based on worldwide network of the Group.  We want our people to have open mindset toward the globe, speak English as a basic communication tool, understand different cultures of many countries and have good communication skills.

Long-Term Goal – Grow Through Cooperation and Make Remarkable History

FFG DMC has various strategies at home and abroad.  We introduce products and technologies of the Group affiliates to meet many different demands of local customers.  For overseas customers, we provide upgraded and versatile products by cooperation with our local partners.  FFG DMC always coexists with all of our partners at home and abroad.

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