Multi-Process (MP)

SMS Challenger Inverted VTL, the flagship of SMS product offering, incorporates the concept of Multi-Processing (MP) technology and can greatly enhance your challenging "production", "efficiency", and "quality" requirements.  The diversified processing combination capabilities of SMS Challenger far exceed other similar type of lathes in the market.  SMS Challenger can be equipped with diversified tooling such as grind spindle, indexer, mill/drill/ream spindle, automatic tool changing (ATC), drill/tap spindle, turning tools, turrets, and many other machining options to meet the needs of vast industries.  Together with C-axis, the spindle can achieve 11 arc second of accuracy.  Utilizing the MP concept, SMS Challenger Inverted VTL can perform multiple OP's during the same workholding and this contributes to high machining accuracy, high CpK value, and eliminates the needs of additional peripheral capital equipment.  Throughout the years, SMS is dedicated to providing customers the integrated manufacturing solutions, and utilizing the MP technology to help industries to increase productivity and reducing production costs.   


Sample Combination of Muti-Processing Tooling:


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