AC-300-1 Crusader Single Spindle VTL


The Crusader is a compact, high performance Vertical Turning Center that features power, speed, accuracy and reliability with an easy-to-access work zone for machining a wide variety of work pieces.  The compact design uses less floor space, allowing for easy manual loading access.  The Crusader is easily adaptable for gantry or robot loading to achieve greater efficiency and high production thru-put capacity.  The compactness, portability and efficient clear side design, allows for great flexibility as a stand-alone unit, or linked into an integrated manufacturing system.

This most affordable, large capacity, small footprint, standard machine, made in the USA, delivers superior flexibility, accuracy, productivity, reliability, PLUS more machine for the money, than any other vertical turning machine of its class and capability.

The modular design is supported with a heavily ribbed steel weldment column that provides high dynamic stiffness and a rigid platform assuring structural integrity for highly accurate and consistent metal removal results.

The Crusader incorporates the SMS designed, heavy-duty spindle, to easily handle high torque and axial loads, with speeds up to 4000 rpm.  The basic machine compound slide system is designed with high acceleration and high thrust axis drives.

The standard Crusader is ideal for both large and small manufacturers who are looking for an affordable, high precision, quick delivery, standard vertical turning machine.

The standard Crusader is available in either a Left Hand or Right Hand version.  The Left Hand has the spindle on the left side and the Right Hand has the spindle on the right side.  This versatility makes the Crusader the prime choice for manufacturers that need medium to high production in their operations.

The Crusader can optionally be adapted to incorporate a tailstock, automated parts load/unloader, electronic  feedback gaging, and tool monitoring.

The Crusader is also ideally suited for the “lean” manufacturing concept:

  ► Clear sides for close proximity spacing

  ► Low capital investment

  ► Compact footprint for efficient plant layout utilization

  ► Over 150 built-in technical features

  ► Plus many standard options

Other Design Features:

  ► Routine maintenance accessible from the front and back

  ► Preloaded linear roller guideways for high stiffness and accuracy

  ► Preloaded spindle radial roller bearings and ball thrust bearings for high stiffness and accuracy

  ► Optional absolute linear scale feedback with 0.01 micron resolution for high accuracy and repeatability

  ► Servo motor directly coupled to the ballscrew for high accuracy and performance

  ► All drive elements totally isolated from the cutting area

  ► Dry floor machine enclosure


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