AC-1200-1 Single Spindle VTL


The Crusader AC-1200-1 is a Heavy Duty, Single Spindle, Vertical, High Precision, High Rigidity, High Stability, Heavy Cutting, High Efficiency Turning Center.  Turning, boring, drilling or grinding, the AC-1200-1 has the versatility to achieve multiple processes for a heavy duty vertical turning center. 

Large parts up to 63”  (1600 mm) dia. and maximum weight, including chuck to 11,000 lbs. (5000 kg) are no problem for the AC-1200-1.  The large load/unload area makes loading large parts with ease.

The heavy duty machine column and base are made of high grade cast iron and heat treated with a stress relieving process.  This ensures a rigid foundation to absorb heavy loads and vibrations.

The AC-1200-1 incorporates the SMS designed, heavy duty, spindle, to easily handle axial loads and high torque requirements with speeds up to 325 RPM and coupled with a ZF dual speed gearbox.  The ZF gearbox eliminates noise and heat transmitted to the spindle.

The SMS designed cross rail, with x-axis and z-axis ram slides, provide for high accuracy and consistent metal removal.

A (12) position tool changer that accepts BT 50 or CAT 50 tool holders is standard which enhances the overall performance of the AC-1200-1.

► Standard 2-Speed ZF Gearbox 2~325 rpm

► 60hp spindle for heavy cut depth

► 5-position cross rail carriage to maximize part and fixture heights

► ATC up to 12 tools; CAT-50 standard

► Versatile design to adapt grinder, turret, and/or Y-axis

► Linear guide way ram slide to accommodate long reaches and inertia moment from all directions

► Ram can be mounted with power tooling along with C-axis

► The cross rail slide system can be positioned into one of five positions.  When a new positioned is called for, the jackscrew is engaged the shot pin is retracted and the hydraulic way clamps are released then drives to the new position.

Other Design Features:

Routine maintenance accessible from the front, back and sides

Preloaded linear roller guideways of the x-axis & z-axis ram slides for high stiffness and accuracy

Heavy box section cross-rail mounted on large box ways with (4) four positions for greater part height flexibility

The spindle receiver cast directly into the base, making a very stable mounting, for the cartridge spindle

Preloaded spindle radial roller bearings and ball thrust bearings for high stiffness and accuracy

Optional absolute linear scale feedback

Servo motors directly coupled to the ballscrew for high accuracy and performance

All drive elements totally isolated from the cutting area

Dry floor machine enclosure


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