SPECHT® Series High-Performance Horizontal Machining Center

The SPECHT® Series of Process-Configurable System Machines from MAG



The SPECHT® machine series stands for a long tradition of progress in machine tool manufacture for the automotive industry.  After milestones such as the agile volume production or dry machining, the SPECHT® today sets the standards for energy and environment management, technology integration and networked production.  The agile or hybrid manufacturing systems from MAG are convincing with their work piece and volume flexibility, reliably high production quality, availability and productivity at optimum investment and operating costs.

In order to be able to configure the machines ideally for the respective application and production environment, MAG has developed a comprehensive modular system. From a variety of standardised components, single or dual spindle SPECHT® machines are configured according to the technological and operational requirements of the customer.  As single spindle machines, a complete range for workpiece lengths from 200 mm to 1400 mm, and as twin spindles with a spindle spacing of 540 mm to 810 mm, are available.  

MAG SPECHT® CNC machining centers are ideal as interlinked multi-machine systems. They can also be used as a stand-alone machine and in manufacturing cells. The convincing feature of these single-spindle CNC systems is their modular structure, which provides maximum flexibility and makes them individually configurable. This enables the main spindle to be chosen from a selection of motor and gear spindles. A ball screw or linear motor drive can be used for the axis drive. MAG SPECHT CNC systems can therefore be ideally adapted to the respective machining requirements and surrounding infrastructure.



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