I-25-MP Challenger Inverted Single Spindle VTL

The most versatile Multi-Processing VTL in the market !!


The Challenger is a high performance, Multi-Tasking Inverted Turning Center.  Power, speed, accuracy and reliability are what make the Challenger the ultimate choice for inverted machining.  The inverted spindle makes load/unload very simple with a fast and accurate built-in gantry loader.  The Challenger also features a large built-in pass thru window for diversified material handling configurations.  From, turning and boring operations to grinding or milling, to drilling and tapping, the Challenger multi-process machine has the versatility and flexibility to produce high quality parts. Machining inverted means the free fall of chips for cleaner environment and more accurate parts.

This MADE IN USA machine is capable of a wide variety of multi-processes, which delivers superior flexibility, accuracy, productivity and reliability, making Challenger the best choice for your return on investment.

The Challenger features the, SMS designed, heavy duty motorized spindle, easily handling high torque and axial loads, with speeds up to 4,000 RPM (3,000 rpm for I-45).  The slide system brings the work piece into the sealed work area, with speeds up to 2,362 inches per minute (1,650 IPM for I-45), to accomplish various multiple operations.  The cast iron base and slide systems provide high dynamic stiffness and a rigid platform, to assure structural integrity for highly accurate and consistent metal removal.  The Challenger inverted vertical lathe can optionally be adapted to incorporate a (12) station automatic tool changer, grinding spindle, boring, milling or drilling and tapping or a combination of turning tools, turrets and multi-spindles for machining, making it the most versatile inverted machine in the industry.

Other Design Features:

Routine maintenance accessible from the front, back, and ends

Preloaded linear roller guideways for high stiffness and accuracy

Cast iron slide and base, making a very stable mounting, for the motorized spindle

Preloaded spindle radial roller bearings and ball thrust bearings for high stiffness and accuracy

► X-axis standard and z-axis optional absolute linear scale feedback with 0.01 micron resolution for high accuracy and repeatability

Servo motors directly coupled to the ballscrew for high accuracy and performance

All drive elements totally isolated from the cutting area

Dry floor machine enclosure


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