SMS exhibited at EMO 2015 !

Saginaw Machine Systems (SMS) at EMO 2015:

The Integrated Vertical Lathe Machining Solutions Showcasing AC-300-1

Milan, 5 October 2015

Saginaw Machine Systems (SMS), a trusted name in the automotive industries for its reliable and quality built vertical lathes, is proud to showcase the AC-300-1 Crusader at EMO 2015.

SMS is well known in the North American automotive industries for its ability to provide machining solutions that meet or exceed customers’ quality, production volume, CpK, and automation requirements.  The AC-300-1 Crusader vertical lathe is a compact, high performance Vertical Turning Center that features power, speed, accuracy, and reliability with an easy-to-access work zone for machining a wide variety of work pieces.  Compact design uses less floor space and is adaptable to gantry, robot, or easy manual loading access.  The compact, portable, and efficient clear side design allows for great flexibility as a stand-alone, linked, or integrated manufacturing system. The smaller modular design, heavily ribbed steel weldment column, provides high dynamic stiffness and a rigid platform assuring structural integrity for accurate and consistent metal removal results. The Crusader incorporates high speed / high torque spindle with speed up to 4,000 rpm, and high acceleration / high thrust axis drives.  The displayed machine at EMO is equipped with an optional tailstock for the rigid between centers hard turning.   

Saginaw Machine Systems became a part of the FFG global family of machine tool companies in 2007.  Our quality is second to none, with the capability to manufacture to your specifications, or deliver to SMS standards.  Either way, our machines are designed with the latest state of the art controls, fixtures / chucks, and tooling.  SMS works with you and our strategic suppliers to solve any machining or automation issue you may have and provide you with a process that will save you money upfront and for the long haul.  With over 60 years of manufacturing systems experience and 160+ years of corporate history, SMS is not only the acronym for “Saginaw Machine Systems”, but is also the synonym for “Superior Machining Solutions” !

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