NBP Series

FEELER NBP Series VMC with BOX WAYS ON THREE AXES PERFORMS PERFECTLY – Engineered to Optimize Machining Efficiency and Stability


Lowering production cost while upgrading productivity is the solution to stay competitive in today’s seriously competitive environment.  With the NBP Series of vertical machining center from FEELER, you can achieve your expectation.  These ruggedly built machines are designed with extra wide box ways on all three axes, which provides exceptionally fast heavy cuts.

Massive, rugged, and precise design built for accurate production work for years! The Feeler NBP series is especially ideal for the task required for efficiency and accuracy.

• The machine structure and major parts are manufactured from Meehanite cast iron for outstanding material stability and assure long-term deformation-free performance.

• Extra wide box ways on three axes guarantee exceptional stability and rigidity.

• Box ways are hardened, precisely ground and coated with Turcite-B for maximum wear resistance and life accuracy.

• The entire machine construction is subject to ANSYS and NASTRAN Finite Element Analysis to achieve optimum rigidity and stability.

• The column bottom is specially designed with A-shaped structure.

• Servomotor directly drives ball screws. Ball screws are pre-tensioned, ensuring rigidity and accuracy for feeding transmission system.

• Increased Z-axis motor horsepower combined with brake increases circularity accuracy on Z-axis, and eliminates structural vibration caused by counter-balance weight.


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